How to Add Reviews to Squarespace 

If there’s anything 21st-century e-commerce has taught us, it is that people read reviews. And many people make their buying decisions based on these product/service reviews they read online. 

If you’re a business owner with a Squarespace account, it makes perfect sense to enable the review functionality on your website. That way, customers can leave feedback after buying from you, which could help attract and win more sales for your brand. 

Remember that reviews by real people could be good or bad; it depends on the customer’s experience. So you should first focus on delivering excellent customer service before adding reviews to your Squarespace site. 

Read on to learn how to add reviews to your Squarespace site, how it works, and other relevant information. 

How Squarespace Reviews Work

Once you activate reviews, customer request for reviews is an automated process that won’t require further input from you. 

When activated, customers who buy any product from your website will receive a review request email after 14 days. For those who oblige you, they can write as much as 1500 words of text and choose a star rating between 1-5. 

Every customer has 120 days to write a review before the opportunity becomes unavailable. We believe four months is ample time, and those who want to give feedback will do so within the timeframe. 

Also, note that customers who buy a subscription will receive only one review request. And if you delete the (physical) product on your website, people who bought it won’t be able to leave any reviews. 

How to Add Reviews to Squarespace: Step-by-step 

Now it’s time to enable reviews in Squarespace.

  • Click on Commerce in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down on the next page and select Product Reviews.
  • Switch the Request Review toggle on, and enable email notifications if you want to be notified each time customers leave a review. 
  • Click the Product and Store reviews drop-down to choose which reviews display on your website. It is set to product and store reviews by default. 
  • The Requested reviews option is also switched on by default. This setting makes product reviews automatically display on product pages. 
  • And finally, if you have connected your Etsy account and imported reviews from the platform, switch the Imported Reviews toggle on.

And that’s it! You have successfully enabled product reviews on your Squarespace website, and now your customers will receive emails asking them to leave a review. Now let’s customize that email to align with your brand.

How to Customize the Product Review Email 

Customizing the email is a short and straightforward process. 

  • From the home menu, click Commerce, scroll down, and select Customer Notifications.
  • Under the Email heading, click Customer Engagement. 
  • Click Product Review Request.
  • Select Edit Email and begin to edit your review request email. 

This is what the default email looks like:

Note: You cannot decide when the email is sent or send multiple emails to the same customer, and Squarespace will handle that for you. 

How do Product Reviews Display on Squarespace? 

In the step-by-step guide above, we mentioned different display types for product reviews; now, let’s address them.

Product reviews will display at the bottom of every product page, but the design and features depend on your setting. These are the three available settings:

Product Reviews Only

This option will make all reviews appear at the bottom of the page and show the average product rating a customer is viewing. Note that the featured image and product title will not display on this page. Also, imported reviews won’t work with this selection. 

Store Reviews Only

This product review setting will display all reviews and the average rating for all products across your store. The product title and image are available, just beside the review. Unlike product reviews only, imported reviews will display.

Product and Store Reviews 

This setting means you want both types of reviews on your product pages. When you enable this option (the default selection), you will have product and store reviews in two different tabs on the product page. 

The tabs will display reviews if there is at least one review in either product or store reviews. If you only have product reviews, that’s the only one customers will see. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Adding reviews to your Squarespace website is a straightforward process, but we understand that you might have a few questions. We’ve answered the most common ones below. If we didn’t answer your question, please use the comment section. 

Is it possible to respond to my customer reviews? 

No. Squarespace doesn’t include that feature. The only way you can communicate with your customers is by sending emails. 

Can I send a review request email with a free account? 

You can’t send review requests on a free account, and you have to be on a business plan to access the feature. 

What happens if I downgrade to a personal plan? 

Squarespace request review feature is only available from the business plan upward. Once you downgrade, the service will be stopped. However, the reviews you have already collected will remain on your product pages. 

Can I delete a product review? 

You can’t delete a product review, and you can only hide reviews from displaying on your product pages. 

Can a customer edit or delete their reviews? 

No, customers aren’t allowed to edit or delete their reviews. This helps sanitize the system and ensure that reviews aren’t manipulated. 


We hope this guide helps you enable and start sending review requests to your customers. Make an effort to customize the default email design so your emails don’t look like ‘most emails.’ Let your brand come to the fore. 

Also, you will do well to continue to engage those customers. You should sign up with an email service provider and create a campaign that caters to buyers. Keep engaging them and encourage them to become recurring buyers. One strategy you can use is called upsells. 

If a customer buys something worth $10, there’s a chance they’d be willing to buy a $20 product too. So keep wanting up to them and build a lasting and profitable relationship for your business. 

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