Canva Review and Alternatives

Today, you’ll find stunning visuals everywhere you look, from social media posts to internet ads. There are many software tools used to design these images, and one of the best ones is Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is an Australian graphic design platform founded in 2013, enabling users to create stunning graphic designs of high quality. It’s popular because of its excellent output quality, user-friendly interface, and unique features.

With impressive features such as image cropping and straightening, stickers and badges, photo enhancer, image transparency tool, etc., Canva is easily one of the ten best photo-editing software in Canada. Still, its defining quality is its ability to create designs from scratch. 

The app is used by professional designers and anyone with an idea to share. It makes it possible for anyone to make the designs they want; if you have a picture in your head, Canva can help you make it real. 

Canva is a great tool to help you achieve your design goals, and it lets users design and share creations fairly quickly.

Canva Features

Now that we’ve talked about what Canva is let’s discuss its features. Canva has many features that make it stand out from the crowd, enabling users to create great content with little effort. We’ll discuss some of them in detail.

The drag and drop editor is incredibly efficient when used in tandem with Canva’s vast collection of templates, fonts, and images.

Canva boasts hundreds of thousands of templates, and more than 75 million stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics for users. Note that the number of templates and stock media is dependent on your payment plan. This makes the design process much easier.

The design platform offers thousands of professionally made templates split into more than a hundred categories to ease you into the designing process. Canva can be used to create professional-looking designs for almost any purpose; with the templates, you can easily design stickers, business cards, logos, posters, Instagram posts, menus, resumes, invitations, infographics, certificates, etc. 

Canva has a useful integration with social media. You can post designs direct to your social media accounts from Canva, and you can also schedule social media posts from Canva.

If you constantly have to make a particular kind of design, you can create custom design templates that contain elements of your brand, so you don’t have to begin each project from scratch.

The collaboration feature allows users to invite team members to collaborate on projects. This feature is handy for organizations and designers who need the input or visual graphics of others. This feature aids communication as collaborators can edit documents, templates, designs and also comment on projects.

Canva’s cloud storage feature means that you can save your work on the cloud and get back to it at any time and on any device, making it easier to design on the go. 

Canva’s interface is also relatively straightforward and easy to use. It’s well defined and laid out. With just a few clicks, you can modify themes, colors, background images, and more.

More Features;

  • Image Library 
  • Media Library 
  • Mind Maps 
  • Mobile App 
  • Multi-Channel Marketing 
  • Offline Editing 
  • Offline Presenting 
  • Org Chart Creation 
  • Print Management Software
  • Photo straightener
  • Image cropper
  • Add text to photos
  • Add Texture
  • Photo frames
  • Web wireframe
  • Speech bubble maker
  • Image Transparency Tool
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Photo Blur
  • Photo vignette
  • Design grids
  • Access Controls/Permissions 
  • Animation 
  • Stickers
  • Badges
  • Approval Process Control 
  • Artwork Management 
  • Asset Categorization 
  • Asset Library 
  • Asset Sharing 
  • Audio File Management 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • CMS Integration 
  • Change Management Software 
  • Collaboration Tools 
  • Email Distribution 
  • Employee Photos 
  • Content Library 
  • Content Management System (CMS) Software 
  • customizable Templates 
  • Customization 
  • Data Import/Export 
  • Data Visualization Software 
  • Design Management 
  • Free icons
  • Digital Asset Management Software 
  • Drag & Drop 

Canva Compatibility

Canva runs on

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Web

Canva Tutorials and Courses

We already talked about how simple and straightforward Canva’s interface is, but it still has to be learned. That’s why Canva has a series of tutorials and courses you can take to master the graphic design platform.

Canva’s tutorials can significantly lessen the amount of time it takes to become a pro on the app, while Canva’s courses can teach more specialized skills.

Canva Pricing Plans

Canva has three pricing plans; Free, Pro, and Enterprise. All plans have a 30-day free trial. 

Please note that all prices are converted from USD on the Canva website to CAD. 

Free plan

Canva’s free plan gives you everything you need to start designing and nothing more. 

The free plan includes;

  • 250,000+ free templates
  • 100+ design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more)
  • Hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Invite members to your team
  • Collaborate and comment in real-time
  • 5GB of cloud storage

Pro plan

Canva Pro has a professional design and grants you limitless access to premium tools and content.

Canva Pro costs 150.42$ CAD a year or 16.24$ CAD a month

Canva Pro has everything in the free plan, including:

  • Create 1 Brand Kit and upload your fonts and logos
  • One-click design Magic Resize
  • 420,000+ free templates with new designs daily
  • 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics free-to-use
  • Save designs as templates for your team to use
  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • Schedule social media content to 7 platforms

Enterprise Plan

The Canva Enterprise plan can accommodate multiple users; it was designed for organizations with large teams of designers. It has additional tools and controls to aid collaboration and large-scale designs.

Canva Enterprise costs 37.61$ CAD a month for each person

Canva Enterprise has all the features of Canva Pro plus:

  • Establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors, and fonts across multiple Brand Kits
  • Control your team’s access to apps, graphics, colors, logos, and fonts with brand controls
  • Control team uploads into Canva
  • Built-in workflows to get approval on your designs
  • Set which elements your team can edit, and stay on-brand with template locking
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single-sign on (SSO)
  • 24/7 Enterprise-level support

Outside these three pricing plans, Canva is free for classrooms & non-profits.

Canva for Education

Canva for Education is a version of Canva designed to aid creativity and collaboration in the classroom. It’s available to K-12 teachers and their students, and it’s completely free.

Apply here

Canva for Non-profits

Canva for NonProfits is a version of Canva explicitly designed for non-profits. Its goal is to aid these organizations in creating high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials. 

Apply here

Canva Alternatives

While Canva is undoubtedly great at its job, it isn’t the only one in the market. Several other software can do Canva’s job, and we’ve made a list of five of them.

1. Stencil

Stencil focuses more on social media images, offering a great collection of quotes and pictures you can design and post directly to your social media account. It lets you do this easily and quickly.

The photo app has templates numbering in the hundreds, well over 100k quotes, more than 800k icons, and many more features.

Stencil has a free version that lets you create ten images per month, and the paid plans start at 11.28$ CAD per month.

2. Snappa

Snappa is ideal for graphic design for social media, as it automatically shares your creations to social media, saving you the stress of downloading and uploading them yourself. You can also schedule posts.

It’s simple to use, and there are many tutorials to help you master it even quicker. This Canva alternative lets users quickly make images using set dimensions or templates, which can be edited or modified with effects as users see fit.

Snappa has a free version that allows five downloads per month, and its paid plans start at 12.54$ CAD per month.

3. Crello

Crello is just as great for social media design, but it also offers various animation maker options that can be used for animated videos, Instagram stories, etc. This alternative supports over 40 formats.

Crello has easy-to-use features and controls, and it also possesses a collection of stock photos and image illustrations. 

Crello runs a free version; its paid plans start at 10.02$ CAD per month.

4. Fotor

Fotor is not just a Canva alternative; it’s one of the best photo editing software available today. It can create and edit both pictures and videos. Particularly impressive is its design interface and image editing options.

Fotor is also easy to use and boasts a lot of valuable features.

5. PicMonkey

Lastly, PicMonkey is like an advanced version of Canva. While Canva’s a graphic design software, PicMonkey is geared more towards photo editing, and it has more image editing options and templates for social media.

PicMonkey has tools that can edit things like colors, exposure, etc. PicMonkey’s paid plans start at 10.02$ CAD per month.

Canva Contact Information

Canva’s website – 

Canva doesn’t have a call center or phone support, but they have a help center where you can send your messages and wait for a response.

Response time depends on what plan you’re on.

  • Canva Pro – within 24 hours
  • Enterprise – within 2 hours
  • Print – within 24 hours
  • Non-profit and Education – within 48 hours
  • Canva Free – 1 week

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