10 Best Church Management Software 2022

Church Management Software is used to manage and organize churches and other religious organizations’ activities. They help ensure the smooth completion of everyday tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources that can be diverted to other critical issues.

Most Church Management Software carry out activities such as documenting financial records, managing events, communication tools, and managing the church.

Best Church Management Software

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best Church Management Software in 2021 to help you decide which is best for you and your church.

1. Tithe.ly

Tithe.ly church management software helps increase and manage giving for churches. It offers practical tools and features which can significantly simplify and ease the giving process, such as cash/check recording, auto-recurring giving feature, daily deposits feature and more. You can also create and manage special church events through it. 

Tithe.ly has management tools for seamless communication among groups and members. It has tracking tools that monitor gifts, donations, and all other financial activities of your church. The software also collects relevant data to give comprehensive reports so you can always keep track of your church’s finances.

With its tools and features, Tithe.ly can help reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, keep track of all finances, organize and showcase data in a simple format that aids decision making. Tithe.ly is excellent for large and small churches alike. 

As well as a free trial to try out its features, Tithe.ly also gives free accounts to churches that only require the most basic of its tools. Tithe.ly is available in 45 countries, including Canada, and is used by over 8600 churches.

2. Icon CMO

Icon CMO is a cloud-based church management software with specialized features that help manage mass communication, directories, and finance. It helps keep the entire church connected and updated. 

IconCMO’s communication tools utilize emails and text messaging. It stores contribution records, and it has fund management and tracking feature. The software can track members’ attendance, give reminders for events, manage groups, and use photo IDs to track the entrance and exit of children.

IconCMO boosts communication; it can help manage your church’s finances, make it easier to manage your congregation and church’s activities. This software also offers automatic upgrades and backups so your data can be recovered.

IconCMO is easy to use, and it has a 30-day free trial for you to see if it suits your needs.

3. Parish SOFT

ParishSOFT is a cloud-based church management software designed to meet the needs of Catholic parishes and dioceses around the world. Its features include online giving, real-time alerts for the congregation, custom reporting tools, and scheduling features.

ParishSOFT can help keep track of gifts, contributions, pledges, funds offertory, etc. Beyond finance, it can also retain records of Catholic sacraments and communications. ParishSOFT ultimately increases the productivity of the church by freeing up time and effort that these tasks would otherwise tie-down.

ParishSOFT can be used anytime and anywhere via internet-enabled devices; it provides excellent communication and encourages increased engagement from parishioners.

ParishSOFT has no free trial and no set price; you need to visit the website for custom pricing. ParishSOFT is easy to use, offering tutorial videos to aid the learning process, troubleshooting services and setup. Anyone can use it, but it’s best suited to catholic churches.

4. ACS Technologies

ACS is excellent for managing information on church members. The church management software is cloud-based and offers data managing and tracking features. It contains communication and organizational tools, and it can store and review member’s history, host events and share calendars.

ACS has a checkpoint feature that provides better security for children; it can monitor member attendance and store other information about members such as pictures and census reports. It has trusted verification through ACS background checks and can be used anywhere on mobile apps.

ACS provides increased security for your church and makes it significantly easier to perform both complex and straightforward everyday tasks necessary for the running of a church.

5. Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder has various exciting features such as check-in, volunteer management, online giving, mobile apps, contribution management, guest follow-ups and more. It’s also an easy software to get started with as it offers product support and software implementation to help churches master the software.

Church Community Builder has enhanced communication and management tools that users can use to build and manage small groups. It eases digital donation across multiple devices and also gives automated reports and annual statements.

Builder offers easy access to all relevant data, which can be accessed anywhere and on any device. It can also be used alongside other software such as Checkr, Belay, and Pushpay.

Church Community Builder helps provide churches with the relevant data to make informed and intelligent decisions about their administrative needs, finances and member wellbeing.

6. Breeze ChMS

Aptly named, Breeze ChMS can automate every administrative task, making the church management process a “breeze.” Breeze automates donations, contact management, attendance tracking, and event planning. The software is hassle-free and easy to use.

Ideal for small to mid-sized churches, Breeze can store unlimited amounts of data on infinite amounts of people or groups. It protects the data with security settings and tracks and generates reports on the church’s financial activities. Breeze also allows for seamless import of data into the Breeze system.

Breeze ChMS simplifies churches’ organizational process and makes it possible to manage church activities while saving valuable time and resources effectively.

7. ChurchTrac

ChurchTrac is a budget-friendly church management software. It comes with contribution tracking, online giving, attendance tracking, child check-in and security, financial management tools and more.

ChurchTrac provides financial reports on all contributions and donations received, can schedule events, help budget funds and save relevant details of church members such as emergency contact details and allergies. This software improves communication in the church and builds a better close-knit community through its membership management features. 

ChurchTrac has a free plan which contains basic features but lacks accounting, worship scheduling and planning tools.

8. ServantKeeper

ServantKeeper is a large-scale platform able to manage churches with large congregations. It does all the things you’d expect from a church management software – tracks attendance and finance, organize events and sacramental records, communication tools, and more.

Servant keeper lets you store and manage the information of an unlimited number of people, complete with custom fields and skill tracking. It also comes with adequate security to protect the data and a child check-in feature to ensure children’s safety.

Servant Keeper is easy to use and can be accessed via the web, desktop and mobile apps. This software makes managing large numbers of people much easier as it provides finance, data and child security, and lastly, boosts communication among church members. Servant Keeper is more cost-effective for churches with over 200 regular members. Consider using its free trial.

9. FellowshipOne

FellowshipOne is another church management software capable of meeting every administrative need a church might have. It has real-time mobile check-in, website payment processing, and more. 

FellowshipOne comes with centralized data storage and access to staff and member’s data. This church software also features automated channels, communication tools for interaction between groups, web-based event management systems, online giving, volunteer management and tracking tools to assign tasks across services, real-time information access on mobile phones, and tools for analyzing and reporting trends and insights.

FellowshipOne’s centralized data storage makes it easier to locate, access and modify data. Its communication tools promote more robust relationships, and its data reports enable users to spot trends and make informed decisions.

FellowshipOne provides custom solutions for each church; it is best to contact them to determine what solutions are ideal for you and save costs. FellowshipOne also offers a free 30-day trial.

10. ShelbyNext

ShelbyNext is another cloud-based church management software that’s widely used. It’s flexible and can be tailored to any church’s needs. ShelbyNEXT has every feature a church needs, including financial reporting, website management and mobile apps. It also manages groups, members, church reservations and events. 

ShelbyNext can be used to manage both individual members and groups; it can document and sync the dates of events to your church’s calendar. It has attendance tracking, customizable check-ins for services and special events, prayer request management with Arena, practical communication tools like texts and emails, and data security.

ShelbyNext’s data security lets you choose who has access to view and edit data; if members are given access, then the data stays updated. Its calendar syncing tools also enable planning into the future. All in all, ShelbyNext eases the church management process and improves the church’s wellbeing in general.

ShelbyNext is ideal for churches with over 200 regular attendees, and it comes with a 30-day free trial.


The software on our list have all been tested and proven to provide the best services and performance. They’re all unique and have their strong points; find the one that best suits your needs. Please check their listed websites for accurate and current features, prices or promos; because these things are subject to change.

While many of the church management software on our list provide data security and backup, that’s not the only security you’ll need to keep your data and computer safe. Read our lists of the 10 Best Antivirus Software in Canada for 2021 and 10 Best Backup Software for 2021

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