How to Delete Campaigns in Mailchimp

While keeping old campaigns in your Mailchimp account over time (for reference) makes sense, it could be better to delete them. If not for any other reasons, spring cleaning will tidy things up and help you have a better-organized workspace. 

This guide will help you with the steps you need to delete old campaigns so you can focus on the ones that matter. Don’t skip any steps to avoid mistakes, and use the comment section at the bottom of the post if you need further assistance. 

Let’s dive in! 

Steps to Delete Mailchimp Campaigns

Deleting Mailchimp campaigns is easy. Follow the steps below to delete campaigns from your Mailchimp account:

  • Log in to your Mailchimp account.
  • From the dashboard, click Campaigns.
  • A menu will drop down. Click All Campaigns from the Menu.
  • The list of all Campaigns will display. Navigate to the campaign you want to delete.
  • Check the box next to the campaign you want to delete. You can check multiple boxes if you want to delete more than one campaign.
  • Click the Delete button.
  • Mailchimp will ask for confirmation at this stage. Type the word DELETE (in block letters) in the field provided.
  • Click Delete

How to Delete a MailChimp Campaign if You Cannot Find a Check Box or Delete Button

There is no way to delete your Mailchimp campaign if you cannot find the checkbox or the delete button. Try the following tweak to delete your Mailchimp campaigns.

  • Hover over the campaign name and look out for the checkbox to the left of the campaign.
  • Zoom out the page up to 90% or less and wait for the checkbox or the delete button.
  • If you still cannot find the checkbox or delete option, try to disable any add-on, extension, or plugin on your browser and refresh the page.

What You Should Know Before Deleting Mailchimp Campaigns

There are certain things you should know before deleting a Mailchimp campaign. 

For example, you should know what happens to a Mailchimp campaign when you delete it, how to recover a campaign you deleted, or what to do when you cannot find a restored campaign.

What happens When You Delete a Mailchimp Campaign?

Deleting a MailChimp campaign will remove it from your account immediately. The action will also remove any report, event, task, and attachment associated with the Mailchimp campaign.

However, it does not affect any associated contact or account.

Can You View Deleted MailChimp Campaigns?

You cannot view a Mailchimp campaign once you delete it.

It is only possible to view campaigns you deleted if you can recover such Mailchimp campaigns.

Can You Recover Deleted Campaigns?

In most cases, deleting a Mailchimp campaign is permanent, and you cannot undo it. Therefore, you need to be sure before you delete any campaign.

On rare occasions, you may recover a deleted campaign with assistance from the Company’s Support Team.

How to Recover a Deleted Mailchimp Campaign

You cannot recover most types of Mailchimp campaigns after deleting them. If you need to recover a campaign you deleted, you should reach the Mailchimp Support Team for assistance.

The Support Team can try to help you recover regular emails, email templates, and landing pages, but they cannot restore every type of campaign.

What happens When You Recover a Deleted Mailchimp Campaign?

You will see the deleted campaign in your email list if the Mailchimp Support Team can recover it.

Restoring a Mailchimp campaign will restore its report, and it will also restore other details associated with the campaign.

You will always have access to this campaign and its report unless you delete it again.

Can’t Find a Restored MailChimp Campaign? Here’s What to Do

If you cannot find a restored campaign in your account, you can try using the search feature to locate it. Follow these steps to search for a Mailchimp campaign when you cannot find it:

  • Log in to your Mailchimp account.
  • Click the Search icon.
  • A filter dropdown menu will appear. Click on it to search by campaign type.
  • Type the Campaign keyword in the search bar.
  • Click edit if the campaign is a draft campaign. Otherwise, click view report.
  • The search results will display, and it should include the Mailchimp campaign you seek.


Deleting a Mailchimp campaign may be necessary to upscale your email marketing. You can delete your campaigns successfully with the guide in this post. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any mistakes. 

Also, keep in mind that you may be unable to recover a campaign if you delete it purposely or mistakenly. So you have to be sure about your decision before going ahead, and we advise against deciding on the spur of the moment. 

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