How to Embed a Video in Constant Contact

Videos are an essential part of marketing, so it is only natural that you would be interested in embedding videos in your Constant Contact email campaigns.

Embedding videos in Constant Contact is not a straightforward process, but it is possible if you know the right steps to follow. Read along to find out how you can embed videos in your Constant Contact.

Embedding a Video in Constant Contact 

How you embed videos in Constant Contact will depend on where the video file is located. Embedding videos from official streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia require a different embedding process than those found in lesser-known sites such as Flicker, Twitch, or even your website.

How to Embed Your YouTube or Vimeo Videos in Constant Contact

To embed your videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo, follow the steps below:

Copy the URL from Your YouTube Channel

  • Go to your YouTube channel and tap on the video you want.
  • You will see a playback screen, tap on the curved arrow and click on the Copy Link option.

Create a Video Block on Constant Contact Email Template

  • Click on the Build tab and then Click on More. You will see various types of blocks available. Click on a video block and drag it into your email template.
  • You can make the video stretch throughout the template’s width or use it as a column.
  • Click Anywhere in the Video Block to Activate the Toolbar
  • Click on the Edit option and paste the copied YouTube URL into the field.

Click on Insert

  • A video thumbnail should appear. Use the Test Link option to make sure you got it correctly.
  • To adjust your video, you can click on the video thumbnail to open a toolbar. You will see an Alignment button which will allow you to adjust your video to any size or position in your mail.
  • You can also add a video caption by creating a text block from the Build option, and this will help your audience understand what the video is about.

NOTE: This process also applies if you are trying to embed videos found in Wistia.

Also, note that when your audience clicks to watch your videos, YouTube videos will automatically play in a new window unless you change it from your YouTube channel settings.

How to Place Videos From Other Locations on Constant Contact

Unfortunately, If your video is on other sites such as Flicker, Twitch, or your website, the best you can do is share a link to your video on your Constant Contact template.

Although you can share your link on Constant Contact, the system will not embed it, and this means the video will not play directly on the mail but will take the recipient to the video’s host site.

Another issue with shared links is that most email recipients may not even bother clicking on the links and would miss out on your videos. But not to worry, there is a better alternative.

Instead of pasting a link that few people will notice or click, you can increase the odds of your audience viewing the videos in your mail by following the steps below:

Create a Thumbnail for Your Image

To do this, you have to take a screenshot of a frame of your video. Make sure that the play button is shown at the center of the screen. If possible, use an animated GIF as your video thumbnail to make it feel more like an embedded video.

Upload the Thumbnail to Your Library

Save the image to your library. Then go to your email template and click on the Images tab. You will see all the images in your library. Drag the video thumbnail into the template.

Copy and Paste the URL of Your Video

Go to your site or any unofficial streaming site and copy the link to your video. Return to your email template and click on your template’s thumbnail to open up a toolbar. Then click on Link > Web Page.

You can paste the video URL into the available field and click on Insert. As always, click on Test and Preview to see if your video is as it should be. 

Like embedding videos from more known sites like YouTube and Vimeo, you can adjust or customize your video using the methods outlined earlier.

How to Effectively Use Videos in Constant Contact

Now that you have learned how to embed videos on Constant Contact successfully, you need to use them in a way that would improve positive audience response to your mail.

Here are some tips on the most effective way to use videos on Constant Contact:

1. Embed your video after your text to not distract your audience from your original message.

2. Keep the video short. Researchers have found that videos kept within sixty seconds or less are far more effective than longer videos.

3. Keep the file size of your video low to prevent your email from taking a long time to load. Email recipients are likely busy and may not be patient enough to wait for your video.

4. Test and preview your videos before sending them out. This would give you an idea of how your audience views or response to your video.

5. Turn off autoplay on your videos. This will give your audience some control over the way video is played on their devices.

6. Most importantly, select your videos carefully. Ensure your video adds value to your content or emphasizes the point you are trying to make in your mail. 

You should not include videos randomly, as this would confuse your audience and reflect poorly on you.


Videos help boost email campaign performance, and it is best practice to use them. With Constant Contact, embedding videos is not always a straightforward process. Still, by following the tips outlined in the article, you should have a hassle-free experience embedding videos in your emails. 

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