How to Embed Videos in Squarespace

Videos are an essential marketing tool and can boost your brand and sales. However, you can only get this benefit if you use videos strategically. 

An effective way to use videos is by embedding them in articles or your website. Embedding engaging videos will keep website visitors on your site for extended periods. And that’s an experience you want every time. 

There are several ways to embed videos on your website using Squarespace. This article explores these different ways with a step-by-step guide to help you get it right. 

How to Embed Videos Using Squarespace

There are different ways to embed videos on Squarespace, but the one you can use depends on your video host and how you want your audience to use the video. 

For example, you can embed videos using a Video URL if your video host is on YouTube or Vimeo and you only need simple display options.

But if your video is on host sites such as Animoto or Wisitia, or you want advanced display options such as a playback option, you should use an embed code.

Embedding Video Using a Video URL

You can embed videos using a video URL with the following simple steps:

Step One: Copy the Video URL

Go to the site where the video is stored and copy the video URL. You can find this on the browser address bar. 

If you are using the YouTube app, tap your profile photo, a menu will pop up, click on Your Channel, swipe to the video section, choose a video, click on share, and copy your video URL.

Step Two: Add a Video Block or Background Video Block

You can create a video block by clicking on the (+) sign, which allows you to edit a page. Or you can click on POST on your Squarespace website and then on the insert point that appears on the page.

Click on VIDEO from the menu, and you have your video block ready to use.

Step Three: Paste Video URL on Video Block

You can paste your video URL in the video block and add more customizations, such as a featured image or title and video description.

Click on SAVE when you are through to ensure your changes are not erased.

Embedding Videos Using Embed Codes

Embedding videos using embed codes can give you more display options when playing your video on the site. 

You can embed videos using embed codes by following the steps below:

Step One: Click the SHARE button Below Your YouTube Video

Once you click SHARE, various options would appear underneath the video. Select the EMBED option at the top of the list.

A window will pop up and display a long code. Highlight and copy the entire text. Note that you can only access this feature on a computer, not the YouTube app. 

Step Two: Create a Video Block on Your Squarespace Article

Once you have copied the embed code, go to the block editor and click the </> icon, an embed data field will pop out. Paste the embed code you copied from your video host.

Now paste the embed code you copied. Once you do this, the system will automatically generate the video thumbnail. See below.

You can now customize the video by adding a title caption, feature image, or description.

Embedding Videos Directly From Your PC

You may not want to use an external video host for various reasons. Perhaps you would like to monetize your videos on Squarespace and do not like the idea of having them shared without your knowledge on YouTube or Vimeo.

Squarespace doesn’t usually allow you to add videos without an external host, and they do this to reduce the loading time of your site. Why? Because sites with faster speeds generally perform well and are loved by users and Google alike. 

But there is a trick you can use to embed videos directly from your computer without bogging down your site. The good news is that it isn’t a complex process. Use the following steps:

Step One: Upload the Video to Your File Storage Area

Squarespace comes with a file storage area. This is a spot where you can upload files that your audience won’t see without an editor’s permission. 

To access your file storage area, go to the Website Management bar and click Data & Media; a menu will appear showing File Storage. Click on it, and a different menu will pop out.

On that menu, click on UPLOAD FILES and then on BROWSE to access the video you want to upload from your system.

Click on Add File/Add another File and then click on Upload. Make sure the video is in MP4 format. Right-click the file and change the format link to MP4 if it isn’t.

Step Two: Create a Unique Embed Code to Embed Your Video

To create your unique embed code, you will have to go back to your download page, right-click your uploaded video and copy the video link.

Go to the webpage where you want to embed the video and create a video block using the edit option.

Paste this unique HTML code below and replace the parts marked “video URL” with the link you copied from your download page. Be careful not to leave any space between the codes.

<video style="width: 100%"
  playsinline controls controlsList="nodownload"
  src="OUR VIDEO URL">
    <source type="video/mp4" src="OUR VIDEO URL">
  <body oncontextmenu="return false;">

Press SAVE and your video should start playing. You can also customize your video using this option by adding additional features to your HTML code.


Embedding videos will keep your audience and prospective customers on your site, and the longer they stay put, the better it is for you. Use the guide in this post to add videos to your Squarespace website by copying and pasting the video URL or pasting the embed code from an external host.

If you are uncomfortable with having your videos on an external hosting site that you have no control over, embed videos directly from your PC. 

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