10 Best Free Grammar Editing Software 2022

Bad grammar can make you look bad, especially the ones that slip through the cracks after rounds of editing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this; there are grammar editing software that can help you spot errors from a mile away.

And it gets better than that; not only can these editing applications detect mistakes, they also make suggestions. All you have to do is acknowledge and apply the corrections. That’s it—no more playing detective and trying to track down grammar mishaps. 

Best Free Grammar Editing Software

This article selects and reviews some of the best grammar editing software worth using. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an excellent choice for professional writers who need more than just a grammar check tool as the software does more than a grammar check. The software looks for repetitions, cliches, and a host of other writing errors. 

Known to be a full-fledged writing guide, ProWritingAid gives words and grammar suggestions on making your writing perfect and easy to read. 

Another great feature of this software is how easy it integrates with most devices. Mac and Windows owners use the desktop software, browser extensions for mobile users such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It also integrates well with Microsoft Office Suite.

ProWritingAid has a free version but with limited features and functionalities. The premium version with extra features and functionalities goes for $24 per month, making it relatively affordable compared to its competitors on our list.

2. Grammarly 

Grammarly is perhaps the most famous grammar checking software. It’s accessible online and accompanies a version for mobile users with Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. You can likewise install a desktop version for both Mac and Windows users.

Grammarly is amazing. The constant spelling and grammar check is perfect and can help improve your writing. You set writing objectives based on your audience, style, purpose, feeling, and specialty. You’ll get consistent experiences dependent on these objectives. 

Grammarly is not challenging to use, and it just requires a short time to check your writing and correct errors using the software.

The free version works well but if you need to more comprehensive edits, consider getting the premium version.

The premium version of Grammarly starts at $14 per month, which is somewhat affordable compared to other software.

3. Ginger 

Ginger is probably the most popular grammar checker for checking punctuation errors in writing. The cross-platform similarity of the software is phenomenal. It has Windows software, an Android application, an iOS application, and extended versions for both Chrome and Safari. Mac users can generally use the browser version.

Ginger is not as reliable as Grammarly. It finds fewer errors and does not precisely give suggestions for correction. However, if you have a grip on sentence structure and accentuation, this punctuation checker is a proper punctuation correction tool. 

Like the other editing software on this list, Ginger has free and premium versions.

Premium versions of the software start at $25 each month. This can go as low as $8 each month if you make an advance payment for two years.

4. WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke is a grammar checker that deals essentially with any device as long as your internet connection is readily available. The software checks your work for grammar, spelling, and readability issues. It’s practically a further developed form of the spelling and language checker in MS Word. 

Besides corrections and ideas for improving your writing, WhiteSmoke also gives video instructions and clarifications to help you know how to fix the errors. These video guides enhance your writing with time. 

5. After The Deadline 

This is an open-source answer for checking your grammar when writing. After The Deadline is particularly for writers who need to do a free punctuation check every often.

This software isn’t as rich in features as the paid Grammarly checker, yet it can prove a handy grammar check tool. It precisely recognizes grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. The application is accessible as an extension for Firefox, Chrome, and other mobile browsers.

6. Hemingway Editor 

If you are a fiction or non-fiction writer, the Hemingway Editor is a great tool to use when writing. Unlike other grammar checkers, Hemingway Editor doesn’t propose any fixes for the issues it detects. 

It is an incredible tool to utilize on the off chance that you have another grammar checker software that helps you fix the errors detected in your writing or fix them yourself. Hemingway Editor costs $25 for a Windows or Mac application, but you can install and use its free version online.

7. LanguageTool 

LanguageTool is another grammar checker focused on editors and experts who need to check different language documents. The software checks English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, French, and numerous other languages. 

The software’s premium version costs $12 each month, or $3 per month if you pay for an entire year. This amounts to $37 (75% discount), saving you a ton of cash each month. If you need to carry out a French-language grammar check, this tool is quite the best out there. Numerous users say it is a solid competitor to Grammarly software.

8. Scribens

Scribens may not be the best free grammar checker available, yet it does the work when there’s no other option or when you need something free but effective to work with. It has a great vocabulary improvement feature to improve your writing style and help keep your sentences easy to read and understand. 

The word reference feature helps you look into words and discover choices that will be suitable for your writing. 

It’s not difficult to use, and the number of characters or words does not restrict you. Sadly, there is no multilingual addon, making Scribens an English grammar checker as it were. This software is free to use.

9. SpanishChecker 

SpanishChecker.com is a Spanish grammar checker where you can type or paste text, click the Check Text button and see ideas on improving your Spanish composition. The software incorporates a grammar checker manual which allows users to see how it functions and gives tips when self-altering and figuring out the correct Spanish word for your writing.

They have a Premium version that eliminates the numerous ads shown on the site and incorporates many more upgraded highlights. 

10. Writer 

Writer is one of the best grammar checkers software on our list. Writer’s free grammar checker helps to make your text more straightforward, error-free and easy to understand. According to Writer, “the software was built for writing at work, where writing clearly and concisely is key.”

To a great degree, this software is a writing assistant than a complete grammar checker, and it is worth trying out.

How To Choose The Best Grammar Checker 

It’s pretty evident that it helps to invest in a grammar checker tool to enhance your writing, but how do you choose the best one among the options available on this list. The following should serve as criteria for selecting the best grammar checker for your writing.

• Price

Several applications allow you to use their online grammar checker at no cost. Be that as it may, most online checkers have a pro version that requires payment. If you need a grammar checker for proficient work, it bodes well to pay for premium software. You will end up with better results than the free version. Our top recommendation is Grammarly.

• Accuracy

You may have a solid understanding of grammar rules; however, it helps to have a tool that can uncover hidden errors you may miss. Therefore, it is best practice to consider the accuracy of the tool you intend to use.


Do I need a grammar editing tool?

Are you a blogger, copywriter, editor, or writer in general? Or do you send emails, text messages and other forms of communication, especially for professional reasons? If you answered yes to any of these (and you should), then yes, you need a grammar checking tool. A grammar checker will help you send better content and improve your writing in the long run.

Should I go for a free or paid tool?

Free tools can get the job done, but a premium grammar editing tool is a better option if you need to do more in-depth and comprehensive editing. From experience, we can tell you that the difference between free and paid editing tools is significant.

Is Grammarly better compared to others? 

Absolutely! Grammarly is far superior to the other software on this list, proving to be the most effective and efficient go-to tool for writers.


Grammarly wins our top-spot for this review. It’s significantly better than the rest. In any case, Ginger, ProWritingAid, and WhiteSmoke are also great options – particularly If you would prefer not to pay Grammarly’s high fee. And if you want a free version, go with After The Deadline; it is free and very effective.

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