10 Best Recording Software in Canada

Quite often in life, we encounter situations and events that are worth sharing. Whether it’s finally beating that problematic level on a game, you’ve been playing, making a video tutorial to share with friends, or recording a podcast for your subscribers. Events like these need to be recorded and shared, and we’ve found the ten best recording software for 2021.

From voiceovers to YouTube videos, we’ve put together a diverse list of the best software that’ll help you record and share your videos and voice.


Here are five of the best software available for voice recording. They come with quality-enhancing effects such as noise reduction and quality recording.

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe products are regulars in our top software lists, and that’s because they’re built upon years of experience and are of professional quality. Adobe Audition is part of the Adobe creative cloud package, and it follows the typical Adobe tradition with its impressive features and intuitive interface.

Although best suited for recording podcasts, the software is also used to make music. It has no MIDI support, but samples can be imported. If you’re recording in a noisy environment or with low-quality microphones, Audition can help clean up background hum and noise.

Adobe Audition is a paid, subscription-based software, but it offers free trials.

Key Features:

  • Integrate music with audio recording
  • Multitrack, audio restoration tools, and wave editing.
  • Repair audio break
  • Creative Cloud
  • Background noise reduction
  • Integration with other Adobe Suite software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

2. Audacity

Audacity is a free, open-source voice recording software that provides high-quality tools and features to attain professional quality.

The program is well suited for vocal recordings but not for multi-track music created from loops, MIDI instruments or samplers. It’s still possible to import ready-made beats and record vocals over them.

Audacity boasts a clean and basic user interface that requires no learning curve and can be used by anyone. Audacity packs many features and tools to help you record, edit, mix and fine-tune your work to the best quality despite the simple controls.

As earlier mentioned, Audacity is entirely free for all users.

Key features:

  • Multitrack editing
  • No ads
  • Straightforward interface
  • VST plugin support

Compatibility:  Mac, Linux, Windows, and BSD.

3. GarageBand

GarageBand is a free music creation and voice recording software that comes preinstalled on Apple computers. GarageBand is equipped with a sound library and presets for voice recording. It has instrument samples that can be looped together to make a beat for music, and it has audio polishing tools. GarageBand cannot mix master audio.

The Apple software is loaded with templates, sound effects, and sound profiles for male and female voices. If you’re already familiar with Apple software, GarageBand will be easy to use because it follows the same designs as Numbers, Keynote, etc.

A drawback is that GarageBand only works on Apple devices.

Key features:

  • Record live onto tracks
  • Special effects
  • Audio monitoring
  • Easily retrieve snipped audio
  • Noise reduction

Compatibility: Mac

4. Sound Forge

Sound Forge gives users complete autonomy in the audio editing process; the software is advanced and produces professional quality results. It has sound design, Red Book CD creation, and more.

Sound Forge is great for recording podcasts, adding professional effects, converting vinyl to digital, burning CDs and producing soundtracks for videos.

Sound Forge is a paid software, but free trials are available.

Key features

  • VST plugin support
  • VST effects
  • One-click solutions
  • Audio digitization and restoration
  • Multichannel WAV recording and processing

Compatibility: Windows, Mac

5. WavePad

WavePad is a voice recording software that creates professional-quality audio and is also very easy to use, making it ideal for seasoned users and beginners alike. The program can work with various audio file formats and lets you export in an equal variety of file formats.

WavePad has a toolbar that holds your features and functions in an organized manner. You can customize the toolbar to your taste, adding or removing any tools and features you deem fit. Easily add fade-out, fade-in, reverb, delay, or distortion to your recordings.

Key features

  • Mix, edit, trim, and crop audio files
  • Mono to Stereo conversion
  • Background noise reduction
  • 20+ filters and special effects
  • High-quality output
  • wave editor 

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.


Now let’s move on to five of the best video recording software. These are software that not only helps record videos but also offer essential editing tools as well.

6. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video recording software capable of screen recording, webcam recording, and video editing. It’s easy to use and has several tutorials, demos and training videos to shorten the learning curve.

The video editing tools can reduce background noise, trim and join videos, add captions, animations, music, transitions, and special effects that can enhance the quality and appeal of your videos, giving them a polished, professional look. 

Camtasia’s paid plans are one-off fees and not subscription-based like the other entries on our list. Camtasia has no free version, but it does offer a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key features:

  • Templates
  • Screen recording options
  • Web camera capture
  • Pre-built assets
  • Audio recording (Mic + system)
  • Music
  • Save and share projects in a single file
  • PowerPoint integration
  • Media importation
  • Animations and transitions
  • Audio FX

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

7. Screencastify

Screencastify is not an application on its own but a Google Chrome extension. This means it can run on any device that supports Chrome. It’s straightforward to use, so If Google Chrome is your preferred web browser, then this recorder is ideal for you. 

With Screencastify, you can choose to record your entire screen, a single tab or the webcam; and you can do this simultaneously and embed the webcam footage in your screen recording.

Video editing tools can be used to edit recordings (cut, arrange, merge, trim, etc.) and even add mouse highlights and a drawing pen to give your video that extra bit of clarity. Recordings are automatically saved to Google Drive but can also be uploaded directly to YouTube, Google Classroom, or other platforms via a google drive link. Supported export formats are MP3, MP4 and GIF.

Screencastify has a free and paid version. The free version, however, is limited to only five-minute-long recordings. If you work in education, you might be entitled to a 40% discount on the paid version.

Key features:

  • Record offline
  • Embed webcam anywhere in the recording
  • Narrate with microphone
  • Click highlighting
  • Drawing pen tool
  • Basic video editing tools
  • AutoSaves recordings to Google Drive
  • Export formats (Mp4, GIF, or MP3)

Compatibility: Chrome extension

8. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is an intuitive screen and webcam recorder that’s compatible with almost any device. This recording software has many features which help to enhance recordings. Users can trim and caption their videos, add music, sound effects, transitions, text, etc. 

The software can be used for almost any purpose, from classroom videos to two-way videos. Recordings can be hosted on Screencast-O-Matic and then shared to Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Google Classroom, Vimeo, etc. 

The free version has all the essential tools you’ll need, but it’s limited compared to the pro versions. The free version limits recordings to 15 minutes, and it doesn’t allow video and image editing. The pro version adds a stock photo library, custom watermark, and more.

Key features:

  • Stock Library
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Video editor
  • Collaboration tools
  • Records narration
  • Integration with over 30 applications (Github, Canvas, Vimeo, Twitter, Dropbox, Slack, etc.)

Compatibility: Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

9. OBS Studio

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Studio is a free, open-source video recording software that’s incredibly well suited for live streaming and video editing. Users often stream live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook with OBS.

OBS is most popular among gamers. The software lets users record both video and audio from their webcams and browsers. Users can then divide the media into “scenes” and edit them as they please, import videos, images, capture windows, etc.

As an open-source application, OBS Studio is constantly evolving to meet new demands and needs of its users. The program isn’t very friendly to beginners and takes some getting used to.

Key features:

  • Real-time video/audio capturing and mixing
  • Seamlessly switch between scenes
  • Audio mixer with noise suppression
  • Streamlined settings panel
  • Customizable layout
  • Live streaming

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

10. Bandicam

Bandicam is a video capture and screen recording software. Bandicam lets users record media from webcams, Playstations, Xboxes, IPTV, or Smartphones with 4K UHD and 480 FPS video.

Bandicam has both a free and a paid version. The free version comes with a watermark, a 10-minute cap on recordings, and no scheduled recordings, while the paid version has no cap on recordings and no watermark. If you purchase the Bandicam + Bandicut package, you can save up to 37% off.

Bandicam has a lot of helpful features that make it stand out.

Key features:

  • Screen Recording
  • Game Recording
  • Device Recording
  • Mouse effects
  • Real-time drawing
  • Scheduled recording
  • Webcam overlay
  • Mix audio
  • Split and join videos

Compatibility: Windows

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