Udemy Review and Alternatives 2022

Most successful people constantly improve their skills, and online courses are an excellent way to do so.

Udemy has a massive selection of online courses to choose from, both for entertainment and to improve real-world skills that will help you advance your career.

Although Udemy might be the best platform for you in some instances, there are a few reasons why another online course platform may be better.

Before you invest some time or money in an Udemy course, read this Udemy review to make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

What is Udemy and Why is it Unique?

Udemy is an online learning site that strives to teach you something.

There are over 100,000 Udemy courses available. Some students concentrate on developing technical skills like video editing, while others focused on developing hobbies (like learning how to play video games).

Employers can give their workers access to Udemy’s most famous courses to inspire them to learn.

It turns out that several major corporations have taken advantage of this, including Adidas, Pinterest, and Eventbrite.

Udemy allows someone to create a course to cover such a broad range of topics. This is why there are plant care courses and more niched-down courses that aren’t available on other similar course learning sites.

It is both a good and a bad thing to allow someone to teach. The benefit is that it enables people to share their knowledge even though they lack formal qualifications. Many course developers on Udemy are graduate students or professionals who are true experts in their fields.

What about the negative aspects? Since Udemy is so accessible, there aren’t many well-known instructors or university professors on the platform. They choose to teach on more prestigious websites, such as Coursera.

Second, certain courses are just awful. I could offer a mediocre course tomorrow if I wanted to.

However, anyone who takes my course is likely to give it a low grade, so you should try to stick to the high graded courses to avoid wasting your time.

What are Udemy’s Course Options in 2021?

There are so many different courses (see free courses here) on Udemy that listing them all will take forever! However, the following are the most popular:

  • Digital marketing
  • Web development
  • Programming languages
  • Graphic design
  • Photoshop
  • Project management
  • Dropshipping

Each course is delivered by industry experts, some of whom can provide accreditation or qualification for your course. You can go back to your learning or take a break from it at any time, and all of the courses come with lifetime access.

How Much Will Udemy Cost You?

Although many Udemy courses range from $25 – $200, you will find that Udemy has discounts, coupons, and promotions available to help you keep the cost down. These exclusive offers can be found on their website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Many of the instructors also have discount codes for their courses, so if you see one you want, check out the instructor’s website to see if they also have a course code. These codes may often carry the price down by $100 or more, so it’s well worth looking for them to get a good deal!

Udemy’s Advantages and Disadvantages

As with everything, there are pros and cons, so we figured we’d share some of the advantages and disadvantages of Udemy and what it has to offer.


  • From meditation to leadership skills, there’s something for everyone.
  • Professionals in the industry have developed one-of-a-kind courses.
  • There are some fantastic discount codes available.
  • The ability to learn while on the move.
  • Your courses will be available to you for the rest of your life.
  • Excellent for corporate preparation.
  • Possibility of interacting with the teachers.
  • It’s fantastic that people are willing to share their experiences.


  • No accreditation from traditional institutions
  • Courses are not transferable to universities.
  • The course instructors are in charge of developing the material on Udemy, affecting the course’s quality.
  • Udemy has a quality management system in place for the lessons, but how comprehensive can it be with so many?

Is Udemy for You?

If you want to improve your skills in a specific field, such as web design or editing and proofreading, Udemy is the place to go. The instructors have created courses that will help you improve your current skills while also learning new ones.

However, if you want a more conventional degree or accredited by a recognized institution, you might want to look at other online learning platforms.

Udemy is perfect for companies. It provides the employees with high-quality training on specialized skills without the high cost.

Instructors may also use Udemy to improve their skills while also making money by sharing their passion. There are some quality control measures in place for course designers, but the earning potential is enormous.

Udemy Reviews 

Customers’ reviews are available on Udemy’s website, and they provide a great insight into what people think about their learning and how it has benefited them. Each course also has a score ranking, allowing you to choose the best-rated course in your niche.

Udemy, on the other hand, has a TrustScore of 2.8 on the rating site TrustPilot. The feedback is mixed, with the majority of it being tailored to each course and teacher.

Overall, the learning platform reviews are very positive, with 69 percent of TrustPilot reviews being five stars. Other observations include the price system and how it can change dramatically. Overall, the feedback is mixed, as shown by the TrustScore.

Udemy Alternatives


One of the most prestigious online educational sites available is Coursera. It has over 5,300 courses, specializations, and degrees in Data Science, Business, Health, and many others.

Coursera works closely with 224 partners from 55 countries to develop accredited courses, specializations, and degrees. Employers recognize these approved courses and learning programs.

Why Use Coursera instead of Udemy?

Accredited courses are one thing that Udemy is unable to provide to its users. Coursera offers a broad range of advanced and approved learning services, including Courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, Professional Certificates, Mastertrack Certificates, and Online degrees, among others.

Coursera is the answer if you decide to get an approved certificate after completing a course from a top university or institution like Imperial College or AWS (Amazon).

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning has more than 15,000 courses on topics such as business, technology, and creativity. Its teachers are subject matter experts who work with the platform to produce high-quality content, and all of its courses are self-paced.

In addition to individual classes, LinkedIn Learning provides courses for businesses, allowing you to train your employees while receiving certificates.

Why Use LinkedIn Learning instead of Udemy?

Even though Udemy offers thousands of free courses, it is clear that the free courses’ quality does not match that of the paid courses.

The generous 1-month free trial from LinkedIn Learning gives you complete access to the platform’s (15,000+) course library, helping you to explore the platform and get a real sense of what it has to offer.

LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic choice if you want to get a complete understanding of a platform before making a financial commitment.


Skillshare is an innovative e-learning site that offers courses in everything from graphic design to photography, music, and more. The 27,000+ courses on Skillshare are taught by actual working creatives, professionals, and subject matter experts.

Skillshare operates on a ($10 per month) or annual ($30 a year) subscription basis. This premium membership grants you access to the entire library of classes and the ability to view them offline.

Why Use Skillshare instead of Udemy?

Udemy and Skillshare are the most similar e-learning platforms available, but Skillshare provides a more active group of other learners to communicate with than Udemy.

The Skillshare network is focused on skill development and information sharing. You can do this in various ways, including commenting on other students’ assignments, uploading your work to the Projects & Resources page, or starting a discussion in your class’s group section.

If you want to share your online learning experience with other students, Skillshare is an excellent place to start.

Is Udemy Worth it?

If you’re looking to expand your horizons or learn a new skill, Udemy is a great place to start. You can potentially learn a lot for a small sum if you time the pricing correctly. Be sure to read the reviews for each course so you can pick the best one and get the most value for your money.

If you want to take it a step further, you could always share your knowledge and create your course. We hope that this Udemy review was informative and that you are now better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the best online learning platform for you.

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