10 Best YouTube Downloaders for 2022

What are the Best YouTube Downloaders Available in Canada? This is a common question among the Canadian vlogging community.

With Youtube, you never run out of juicy content, do you? But what do you do when you lose WiFi connection or run out of data? A YouTube downloader allows you to save videos from YouTube for later viewing on your device. 

While some YouTube downloaders are great, some are notorious for providing low-quality, watermarked videos. It’s best to avoid such applications as they can make downloading YouTube videos a time-wasting activity. 

Best YouTube Downloaders

We have gathered the top 10 best YouTube downloaders in one article to guide your efforts. Each downloader will have its features as well as its pros and cons analyzed. 

Let’s go!

YouTube Go 

Now, YouTube itself is against downloading videos from its platform and sharing them. In fact, it considers downloads an infringement on its copyrights and can sue offenders. 

However, it sensed that people wanted freedom to save videos offline for later re-watching. After all, why were YouTube video downloaders getting popular every minute?

Enter YouTube Go, a variant of YouTube designed for low-end mobile devices. YouTube Go requires less bandwidth to work and functions well in areas with poor connectivity. 

It also allows users to preview and watch videos before downloading them for offline viewing. And here’s the benefit — it’s free and legal, so you can download videos without facing legal repercussions. 

The limitation with YouTube Go is that you cannot store the videos on your device storage or transfer them. Downloaded videos store on the app’s memory and are watchable only in the app. 

Sure, the limitations are annoying, but you’ll have peace of mind downloading YouTube videos. Not bad for a free app if you ask us. 


SnapDownloader is a downloader software that helps you download high-resolution videos from sites like YouTube. It is a PC-based video downloader and works on both Windows and MacOS. 

Using SnapDownloader, you can save videos from hundreds of popular video-sharing websites. And these videos can be had in different resolutions including 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K. 

With this software, you can download videos in flash — and from multiple sites, too. It even allows you to create a proxy to save videos that are restricted in your area. 

Even with high-powered features, SnapDownloader ranks as one of the easiest video downloaders. Once you download videos, saving them to MP3 and MP4 formats shouldn’t take time. 

The premium version of this downloader requires a one-time payment of $19.99. However, you can download the standard version for free during the 1-day trial period. 

The only real disadvantage of SnapDownloader is its incompatibility with mobile devices. If you’re looking to save YouTube videos on your phone, you’d have to look elsewhere. 

WinX YouTube Video Downloader 

WinX YouTube video downloader ranks as one of the cleanest and most powerful video downloaders available. It supports downloads from dozens of video-sharing platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo. 

Even a 10-year-old can use this YouTube downloader for PC without breaking a sweat. All it requires is that you copy and paste the video link, set your preferred format and resolution, and press ‘Download’. 

The same procedure applies for multiple downloads; however, the videos will be batched first. Afterwards, you can save all videos simultaneously to your phone’s storage. 

Although it’s free, this downloader can save YouTube videos in pretty high resolutions — up to 4K. However, it doesn’t support 3D and 360-degree video downloads. 

But this doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of this YouTube video saver. Plus, it’s free so you can’t expect it to do everything.  


With its easy-to-navigate interface, TubeMate is a great tool for downloading YouTube videos. However, you’d have to use the app’s in-built browser to save videos from sites. 

This YouTube downloader app permits tweaking of preferred resolution and format prior to saving a video. And, unlike YouTube Go, the videos save to your mobile device’s storage. 

While TubeMate is great, the invasive ads may tick you off. But, if you can ignore them, this downloader should be fun to use.

4K Video Downloader 

Who says the best things in life can’t be free? The 4K Video Downloader may be free, but it offers top-of-the-line functionality offered by paid-for rivals. 

It offers users freedom to save YouTube videos in multifarious formats. Users can also save 360-degree and 3D videos as well. Impressive for a downloader that costs nothing to use. 

Saving YouTube videos with the 4K Video Downloader is fairly straightforward. Grab the video URL and click ‘Paste URL’, then set choice resolution, storage location, and format. That’s it — even anyone with zero tech knowledge should find this easy. 

It works on PCs and supports both Windows and MacOS devices. With its many features, the 4K Video Downloader is a contender for best YouTube video downloader. 

Dentex YouTube Downloader 

Dentex is a no-frills downloader app for saving interesting videos from YouTube to your phone. The user interface is uncluttered and has none of those intrusive ads common on free downloaders. 

The app has powerful filters that can lessen time spent on YouTube searches. You can also extract audio from videos and store them separately so you don’t need another YouTube to MP3 conversion tool. 

Upon selecting a video for download, a ‘Format’ tab appears where you can adjust preferred video formats. The video should start downloading immediately, with the download status showing on the dashboard. 


VidMate is another great Android app for downloading videos from YouTube. Enter the name of a movie, show, music video into the search bar to locate it for downloading. 

Fast downloads are a given with the VidMate YouTube downloader. Still, it allows users to change download speed and storage location before downloading videos. 

To download YouTube videos using VidMate, open the app and launch the YouTube mobile site. Then use the search field to find your video and click on the download button visible on the video. 

Afterwards, adjust the download quality settings and tap ‘Download’. All things being equal, your video should start downloading within minutes. 

VidMate comes with its own players for playing music tracks and video content. Do you have videos you would rather the world didn’t see? Create an encrypted folder in the app and store your sensitive videos there. 

aTube Catcher 

The aTube Catcher is a Windows-only video downloader that saves videos from YouTube and other popular sites. Even if it’s a video downloader, it offers add-ons like a screen recorder, disc burner, and video merging tool.

This downloader allows you to adapt saved videos to a multitude of formats. So you can easily save different versions of the same video depending on the device you intend to use for watching. 

Multiple downloads are possible with aTube Catcher — simply select the videos and launch the download cycle. That way, you can spend less time on downloading videos and more watching them.

However, we must warn you to exercise caution while installing the aTube Catcher. According to reports, app has some adware that could find their way into your PC during installation. 

If you see any message urging you to “accept” something that looks shady, click ‘cancel’ or ‘decline’. This way, you’d be protected from adware and other nasty surprises. 

Free YouTube Download 

Even from the name, it’s obvious that Free YouTube Download helps users save videos from YouTube with no hassle and for free. To download a video copy and paste the link to the YouTube video and click the download button. 

Free YouTube Download is only useful for saving YouTube videos that are three minutes long or less. This is a big limitation, which may force you to look elsewhere if you want to save longer videos. 

However, if you can work within the limit, this can be a nice YouTube downloader to use. It has an Auto-Download feature which, if turned on, starts video downloads once you paste the video URL. 

It also supports multiple video downloads and conversion to various formats. Besides, this downloader can help you separate the audio from videos if the visuals are unneeded. 

Free YouTube Download is available on both Windows and MacOS devices. While the three-minute limit is problematic, this downloader has outstanding features to justify its inclusion on this list. 


An open-source Android application, NewPipe helps you download videos from YouTube for free. The NewPipe app is designed to allow you to enjoy YouTube with none of the usual issues. 

For example, NewPipe can play YouTube videos with none of those disturbing ads popping up. Besides, it permits downloads of YouTube videos — at a very fast rate, we must add. 

Like other downloaders, NewPipe offers freedom to select your preferred video formats and quality settings. It also supports 4K video downloads, multi-channel subscriptions, and various theme colors. 

We also love NewPipe’s emphasis on user privacy. Unlike the original YouTube app, it doesn’t store user data or track users’ viewing patterns. 

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